All About Pets!

Close-up of Border Collie, 1.5 years old, looking at camera against white backgroundOur Central PA Live segment this week was all about our pets! At Duncansville Pharmacy, we don’t just offer the human members of your family with quality care, but also your furry ones too! Here’s a recap of some things Courtney discussed below – you can also view the entire segment at the bottom of this post!

Vet Guard & Pet Action Plus

  • Generic Version of Frontline – helps keep fleas and ticks away!
  • Half the price of brand name – 100% as effective!

Pill Treats

Hide your pup’s pills inside one of these pocket treats and they won’t know the difference

  • Skin & Coat and Hip & Joint Treats
    • Skin & Coat helps by providing Vitamin A, E & Biotin to keep your pet’s fur looking its healthiest!
    • Hip & Joint Treats help to lubricate joints and help with the side effects of aging for pets

Tick & Poison Ivy Products

Don’t forget to check your pets, and yourself, for ticks and poison ivy this time of year! Ticks are especially bad this season and it’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent potential negative side effects associated with them. 

  • Ticked Off – a tool to help you remove ticks completely and safely
  • Lymenator Kit – We have these in stock! If you find a tick on you, or your pet, and would like to find out if it was a carrier for Lyme Disease, safely remove the tick, place in a plastic baggie or sealed container and place in the freezer. Once you have a Lymenator kit on hand, follow the instructions for testing the actual tick to see if it was a carrier.

Questions? We are always here for you – stop by or call anytime!