Feel Your Best!

Feel you best during Cold & Flu season!

Courtney visited the Central PA Live studios once again this week to continue our discussion on ways to stay healthy and fight seasonal colds, viruses and the flu. Below are some highlights of information, but we recommend taking a few moments to view the video below for detailed information! As always, we are here for you to answer your questions and partner together to keep your family feeling their best in a safe way.

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  • Talk to your pharmacist!
    • Our three pharmacists are always available to answer any questions you have about prescriptions, over the counter medications, vitamins & supplements and your health & wellness in general.
  • Flu Shots
    • Even though a viral shift in the flu strain this year has reduced efficacy of the flu shot to 50-60%, getting a flu shot is still the best way to prevent getting the flu. It’s not too late to get yours!
    • The term “flu” is loosely used to describe many illnesses and viruses this time of year. Many illnesses this time of year are labeled as the flu, when in reality it is a stomach bug. The actual flu is a respiratory illness, with the most common symptoms being fever, chills, and aches. Vomiting and diarrhea, while possible, are typically not the most notable indicators of the flu.
  • Probiotics
    • Probiotics are a great way to help your body not only stay healthy, but fight off side effects of antibiotic medications. When taken 1 hour prior to an antibiotic, probiotics can help prevent the upset stomach, diarrhea, etc.
    • Probiotics and other supplements can also help your immune system fight off the germs! We recommend taking products such as Sambucol, Airborne and Zinc this time of year. Talk to one of our pharmacists to find out what is best for you!
  • Over the Counter medicines
    • When in doubt of which over the counter cold & cough medicine to take to help manage your symptoms, ask a pharmacist! In some cases, mixing doses of common cold & cough remedies can be counterproductive to helping you feel better.


For nearly 150 years, we have been proud to be your partner in keeping you and your family healthy. We are here for you!