Flu Shots are Here!

Flu Shots are Here!

Pharmacy Vaccinations- DuncansvilleAre you starting to see the advertisements encouraging you to receive your flu shot NOW? Over the past several years, the majority of cases of the flu have occurred later in the season (January to March). As a result, we typically recommend waiting to receive yours until the end of September through late October, to ensure you have coverage when you need it most. There are always exceptions to this, so if you need the flu vaccine now, it is in stock and available for you.

Our pharmacists are all Board Certified, eliminating the need for you to make an appointment to receive your vaccination.  If you would like to reserve a dose or make an appointment, please give us a call. As a reminder, the PNEUMONIA vaccine is available also, and may be billed through your Medicare card or similar insurance.  As with any other question you may have, we are always here for you – just stop in or give us a call!

To learn more about the vaccinations and immunizations we offer, visit our Pharmacy Services page.


Ron & the Staff at Duncansville Pharmacy