Seeking Help for Prescription Drug Addictions

With a string of robberies in area pharmacies recently, it brings to light an opportunity to remind our customers about the danger of prescription drug addiction. As Ron explained in a WTAJ news interview, pharmacies are aware of the threat and taking necessary steps to prevent themselves from being a target. However, it also brings to light an important issue: prescription drug addiction.

With increased efforts by law enforcement to stop the street dealing of prescription drugs, the supply available on the streets for illegal purchase naturally diminishes, which in turn increases the demand for them, and the turn to theft by individuals seeking these drugs.

There are many resources available for seeking help. The Blair County Drug and Alcohol Program offers information on helping to identify a potential problem as well as where to seek assistance in treating it.

On their website, they provide some warning signs and behaviors:

  • Withdrawing from family, friends and/or school
  • Changing friends; no long spends time with old friends
  • Unexplained physical injuries
  • Talking about suicide
  • Depressed
  • Defying authority, both at school, work or home
  • Acting aggressively
  • Lying
  • Needing money without explanation
  • Sudden drop in grades
  • Use of alcohol or other drugs

If you or someone you love may be in need of help, you can contact (814) 381-0921 to schedule a confidential free assessment.