TIPSIf you missed the Your Wellness Network segment on Central PA Live this week, don’t worry! Here’s a recap and the segment below!


This week Courtney discussed the pests of summer – Ticks, Insects, Poison and Sun! They come with the territory of enjoying the warmer weather and outdoors, but we have some solutions to help keep you safe!



As we discussed last week when we introduced Sawyer’s Tick Repellent to you, this is a great product for helping to keep ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes away! A few highlights as a refresher:

  • Not for skin! Spray directly onto clothing, etc preferably two hours prior to wear.
  • Lasts for up to 6 washes!
  • Current special: Buy 2, Get 1 FREE!

grandmas insectInsects:

Grandma’s Don’t Bug Me Bar

Great for everyone, especially kids! No chemicals and a light citronella scent. You can lather up in the shower, or in the sink and cover exposed areas to help prevent pesky insects like mosquitoes from making you their dinner!


grandmas poison ivyPoison Ivy (or Oak or Sumac) can not only be an itchy nightmare, but painful! Using Grandma’s All Natural Poison Ivy Soap ($6) is a great way to find relief. Made with Jewel Weed, and all natural soothing agent, all you have to do is lather up for 2-3 minutes on affected areas (timing is important!), rinse, repeat and leave it on.


Nothing puts a damper on a great summer day like ending it with a sunburn! It’s dangerous for your skin, and uncomfortable! We highly recommend VaniCream (under $15) sunscreen for when you’re headed outside. It covers all UV spectrums, protects with both titanium and zinc oxide and is gentle on sensitive and fair skin.